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Paul Heffernan

In 1992, Paul Heffernan saw a need for specialized borehole image and dipmeter interpretation and he created a company that would respond to that need. Starting out as the sole interpreter and processor for HEF Petrophysical Consulting, Paul passed his attention to detail, meticulous quality control, and strong sense of family on to his employees.

Paul started his career as a Field Engineer in various locations in the USA and Canada before working as a Product Development Engineer specializing in FMI and Dipmeter for Schlumberger Canada. Over the years, Paul has been instrumental in tool development, assisiting with design and processing software. He has consulted with Baker Atlas, Computalog, BPB, and others on the practical design for image tools.

Paul has been active in the oil and gas community, teaching industry courses on dipmeter and borehole image interpretation, giving technical talks and publishing papers for the CSPG and the CWLS, and is an innovator and leader in using borehole image data to solve a wide variety of geological questions.

Paul continues to act as a consultant and mentor for HEF Petrophysical Consulting Inc.

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